How expensive are water treatment systems?

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A whole home water treatment system will pay for itself in many ways. Treated water helps your water heater run more efficiently, reducing energy bills. Treated water is easier on your pipes, plumbing fixtures and your water-related appliances resulting in fewer repairs and related costs. Additionally, treated water requires less detergent to wash clothes and dishes. [...]

I have heard that treated water can actually improve the performance of my water-related appliances. Is this true?

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Did you know that your hot water tank is the second largest energy user in your home? That's right! Only your heating and air-conditioning system uses more. Hard water scale can coat the inside of a water heater and drastically reduce its heating efficiency. Greater fuel consumption and higher utility bills are a result when the [...]

How much electricity does it take to operate a Kinetico whole home water treatment system?

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Kinetico’s whole home water treatment system provides non-electric operation. There's nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset or adjustments to make. There won't be an increase in your electric bill. And you won't have any problems with power outages or surges. Best of all, there are no expensive electrical components [...]

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